Fated Hearts


Henley Elliott has a past she can’t seem to outrun.  Leaving her family and psychiatry practice she strikes out traveling the country with only her personal belongings in tow until her car breaks down in a sleepy Minnesota town.  Sheriff Carter McAlister has his own share of scars - both emotional and physical - but he can’t seem to figure Henley out, nor all the mysterious happenings that take place after her arrival.  Henley avoids physical attachments but is she willing to lower her shield enough to let Carter into her heart and life?  Can he help heal her wounds and ensure she will stop running and settle down with him? 

A sweet tale of healing, “Fated Hearts” will have readers sighing along with this happily-ever-after. A spin off from a previous installment this is a standalone story line which is original, however the supernatural elements alluded to may have readers scratching their heads about the back story.  While Carter appears to be a solid character in this tale, Henley’s true character doesn’t reveal itself until late in the story.  It has a choppy beginning that may leave readers wondering about the rushed relationship with Henley’s new found friend Maggie and the trust level Maggie bestows upon Henley as a new stranger in town borders on breaching the reader’s believability factor.

The overall arc and flow for the plot will give suspense readers a perk trying to discover the mystery behind Henley’s troubling past.  This is a satisfying Who-Done-It with a flair for romance readers.

Roberta Gordon