Fated Always


Tala Gael thinks her life is planned out until Sawyer Gavin, her long-time friend, returns to town. With a desire to spend more time with Tala and rekindle their friendship, Sawyer confesses his reason for returning. He wants Tala. Meanwhile she starts to suspect something is not quite right with her current boyfriend, but before she can convince the local authorities she is the victim of his rage, he goes missing. Now, Tala and Sawyer are the suspects in what could be a murder. The connection with Sawyer and the wolves could be all that Tala needs to survive suspicions and possibly find the love of her life in her long-time friend.

“Fated Always” gives readers a small-town feel of romance with a dash of paranormal and a whodunit mystery. Tala’s character is a strong, intelligent woman who sadly does not know who her knight in shining armor is until he rides in to save the day. The story line is intriguing yet the dialogue sags heavily. The descriptions of the male anatomy seen in steamier romances with a promise of more steam is to come, is unfulfilled when Tala and Sawyer consummate their relationship behind closed doors. The well-plotted mystery of the missing boyfriend and his killer will surprise readers with a very satisfying conclusion. Tala’s ability to communicate with the wolf pack is a mystery of its own. “Fated Always” overall bundles surprising mystery with a fun romance!

Moira Wolf