From Fame To Ruin

Jina S.

Carol is dreading a flight, the weather is bad and the meeting she needs to attend to prepare her for a legal battle is worse yet. While waiting at the airport, she is befriended by a certain chatty male. Ricardo is quite taken with Carol and has an undeniable magnetism that both seem to appreciate. When flights are canceled, they throw caution to the wind and end up at the resort for the weekend, leaving all other cares behind. Her family dynamics leave her plagued, and with an arranged marriage looming, matters only get more complicated. Add a handsome rock star in the mix and things take a wild journey. Can Carol and Ricardo repair relationships that are on destructive paths?

Hang on for this wild ride! Ms. Bazzar has created an amazing story in “From Fame To Ruin”. Each chapter changes from four years prior to the current time, from Rio de Janeiro to England, and manages to intersect to a grand finale. The characters are plentiful, however readers will have their bearings on this tale a few chapters in. The family dynamic that Carol endures in her early life is more than most ever have to experience. The hero, many will find endearing, and the heroine is one to love but it’s the second chance on love and a family that’s the warm blanket that wraps this book up beautifully. Readers should keep this author on their favorites list.

Viola Robbins