Fallen Star


After a job gone horrifically wrong and a less than stellar dismissal from the Marshal’s service, Hunter has found work in private security and investigation. It’s satisfying and pays well, even if it can be dangerous and the specter of his past continues to haunt him. His newest case is to uncover who is behind a blackmail scheme against a very high-profile actress. The job takes him and his team to the seedy underworld of the casinos in Reno, Nevada. As the investigation progresses, it becomes evident there are layers and layers of corruption, evil and very dangerous entities vying for control. Hunter is soon caught up and in way over his head as betrayals run deep and money and murder go hand in hand.

With all the forbidden attractions one finds in the world of glitzy casinos, this story keeps readers on the edge of their seat! Enjoyment will depend largely on what one is looking for and comfortable with, however. A large portion of the book revolves around Hunter’s sexual appetites with women and his continual cheating on the women he cares about. This topic is also explored with almost every other character, as well. Readers may find this superfluous as it does not add to the linear plot. Drug use is prevalent along with pornography, blackmail, kidnapping and murder. The writing style is basic but the overall story is riveting with all its creative twists and turns. If some of the unnecessary side topics could have been streamlined with more focus on the main plot, this would be an enthusiastic five star read!

Ruth Lynn Ritter