Life has a way of surprising you - for good or bad. One such challenge would be the loss of someone dear. Your reactions are never quite the way you expect them to be. The main characters in "Fallen" face one such quandary. Dr. Lydia Costa and Ryan Winter were torn apart after an unimaginable loss. Unable to heal together, they were forced to heal apart, even as their careers continually crossed paths. She being an ER doctor in a large hospital in Atlanta, and Ryan Winter, an Atlanta PD detective, they were able to keep tabs on the other through occupational circumstances. Their continued interactions strengthened when the Atlanta PD became the target of a serial killer.  No longer granted the luxury of hiding in the past, Lydia and Ryan need to come to the realization that they should heal together. However, with a killer stalking Atlanta police officers, they might not have a future to claim. 

This was a true page-turner! Drawn into the story, the reader developed a deep connection to both Lydia and Ryan. Concern for their happily-ever-after and their safety lingered long after the e-reader was tucked away for the night. Ms. Tentler’s masterful creation of suspense and danger woven into the serene moments of daily life drew in the reader. These characters were real and normal but they were powerful too - in their grief, their love for each other, and their desire to heal. The reader had no other choice but to root for their success and pray for their safety. Extremely well done!


Amy Willis