Falcon's Prey (Blackthorne, Inc. Book 8) 



Police officer Lexi Becker has unfinished business. An infamous drug lord known as The Falcon was responsible for the murder of her husband three years ago. Unable to discover The Falcon’s identity and prove his guilt, she has taken refuge in a small town to get away from the memories. However, the past won’t let her be. When it becomes obvious that one of her fellow officers has betrayed her to the Falcon she must turn to ex-partner Marv (Fish) Frisch to help her bring the drug lord to justice.

Fish is a member of an elite covert ops company. When he left the department, he was sure he had left his feelings for Lexi behind. Now as her protector, he finds himself in close quarters with his attractive ex-partner. He must keep his feelings for Lexi under control as well as save her from her own instincts to seek revenge and protect the innocent.

“Falcon’s Prey” is a smart and fast-paced thriller mixed with just the right amount of romantic passion. Ms. Odell’s descriptive prose draws the reader into the action of the narrative and she creates a fantastic sense of urgency and tension throughout the story. Complex and believable characters are the mainstay of “Falcon’s Prey.”  Combined as they are with an intelligent and well-researched plot, this spicy, masterfully crafted novel will keep readers enthralled from the first to the last page.

Gwenellen Tarbet