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Jan Solvang's mother is terminally ill, so Jan decides to move home to care for her during her last months.  After her mom's death, she stays on, helping her dad as a funeral planner.  She knows she must leave soon, as her boyfriend Frank is still in Seattle...but Roman Keller steps into the picture.  Suddenly  Jan isn't so sure what she wants.  
Roman is an investigative journalist whose grandfather has just died.  His grandmother Bella has contracted with Jan and her father to help plan the funeral.  Roman is appalled at their bill, certain they are out to bilk a grieving widow at an opportunistic time.  He doesn't plan on the incredible attraction he feels towards the beautiful Jan.  Jan is equally attracted, but has sharp words for Roman and his investigative reporting.  She thinks he does not fairly present all sides, ruining lives in the process.  Her mom's terrier Elwood, whom Jan has inherited, isn't too fond of Roman either.  The sparks fly as their relationship seesaws back and forth, and they learn that their first impressions of each other are not entirely correct.

 “Fadeout” is an unusual twist on a common profession, giving the reader a different look on  grieving and funerals.  The interplay between Jan and Roman has its highs and lows, with no clue as to what will happen.  Rolynn Anderson develops her characters and relationships beautifully, deftly painting  Jan's interactions with Roman, her dad, Bella, Frank, even the terrier Elwood to delightful perfection, making this a great reading and a 5 star rating!

Victoria Z. Burg