The Eyewitness, The D’Azzo Family Book 1

Nancy C.

The D’Azzo family stands for law and order. Emersyn is the independent daughter of Joe D’Azzo. She has always wanted to please her father but inevitably she tends to rub him the wrong way. Like her decision to be a forensic scientist — working in law enforcement when her father wanted more for her.  As she is about to embark on her new career tragedy strikes, sending the temperamental woman on a search for justice regardless of how much danger she places her family in. 

Alec Pearce is Joe D’Azzo’s partner, and hopelessly in love with Joe's off-limits daughter. Propriety forces him to stay at a distance, however, he won’t let the little vixen get herself in trouble, which she is prone to do regularly. 

A spot-on mystery for the reader who thinks they can solve anything, Ms. Weeks keeps the whodunit question hanging over the reader’s head right to the very end of this compelling novel! With an in-depth plot, characters that jump off the page and into the heart, and writing for the intellectual mind, “The Eyewitness” is a tale for the ages. The danger is inherent and handled with skilled wording, keeping the reader engaged. Start to finish this book is a breathtaking mystery that keeps the reader at the edge of their seat. The D’Azzo family is a refreshing return to classic family values and this introduction to the gang begs the author to write more. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto