An Eye for Danger

Christine M.
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Jules Larson is doing everything in her power to finally get her life back on track.  One fine morning she sets out to Central Park with her dog Max.  Things go terribly wrong, though, when she witnesses a murder and is taken hostage. Luckily, her captor, Sam, releases her soon enough. So, why is she covering for him?  The man pointed a gun at her!  Things go from bad to worse when Sam shows up asking for help and something in her demands she give it.  (Of course, that “something” has nothing to do with his attractiveness.)  Sam is reluctant to involve Jules, but he has no other choice. Now his only task is to keep himself from falling for her. If only things were so easy...

Jules and Sam are two people scarred by life, and yet unwilling to simply give in. They fight even when it feels like they have nothing to fight for.  And then, when they fall for each other, when the world is suddenly a much brighter place - all bets are off! They are both great characters but all those secrets they keep leave a bitter taste behind. While the story is certainly fast-paced and interesting, the ending feels a bit rushed, in both the suspense and the relationship.  Having things explained properly and seeing more of Jules and Sam in an epilogue would've made for a more satisfying conclusion and a 5 star rating. Nevertheless, it's still a highly addictive and emotional story well worth reading! 

Ana Smith