Exposed: Tip of the Spear Series, Book 4


Cyrus is part of the Kidon team, a secret group of spies who report to the head of Mossad and to the Prime Minister. He and his wife, Layla, are reunited after a month-long separation where she learned defense techniques, after being kidnapped and nearly raped. Meanwhile, Jazmin Amin looks on from a hidden spot as her family and fiancé are murdered. She heads to the Israeli Embassy in London. Her father had been an Iranian diplomat, and he warned her to only trust Cyrus, should any harm befall him. With this in mind, she asks for Cyrus, who arrives from Israel. Aryeh Stern keeps Jazmin safe as the Kidon team gathers the evidence needed to stop an Armageddon-like attack from Iran.

This book starts impressively, and continues to deliver action and non-stop danger throughout! The four main protagonists are rendered beautifully and are extremely likeable. Even the assassin has some redeeming qualities! The plot seems reminiscent of a James Bond movie at times, so occasionally, it doesn’t feel original. Nevertheless, the internal and external conflicts are well delineated, and the plight of each protagonist remains clear and steady. The pacing is rapid for most of the book, and the tension picks up dramatically in places, which makes it an exciting read! The dialogue feels genuine and reflects each scene effectively. Ms. Ami does a credible job of showing readers exactly what is happening as it occurs, enabling readers to picture each scene in detail. These protagonists end up in several different countries during the course of this book, and the author does a great job of giving each country its own nuanced feel.

Carey Sullivan