EXPOSED (Edgars Family Novels Book 5)


All Sydney Peele wanted to do after photographing her friend’s wedding was catch a cab and go home to a hot bath.  Instead, she finds herself being chauffeured home by a stern but undeniably attractive U.S. Marshal by the name of Frank Castello.
When they arrive at her home and find it engulfed in flames, Sydney has nowhere to turn but Frank.  Frank Castello finds himself drawn to the petite photographer, but his instincts tell him there is more to the lovely young blonde than what she projects on the surface.  With her home destroyed in what appears to be a bombing, his interest is increased infinitely.  He is determined to unravel the mystery of the young woman and ultimately to save her life.


“Exposed” is a spicy thriller which respects the intelligence of its readers.  Avoiding most stereotypes, Ms. Ferrell allows her characters to be a nice combination of strong, sexual and vulnerable.  The mystery of the piece, while not necessarily hard to figure out, involves enough intrigue to keep the reader’s interest as it unfolds.

The storyline is formulaic, however and the conflict between Sydney and Frank is often contrived in order to move the story along and the ending lacks any surprise.  The strength of this story is its well-written characters and a fast-paced story arc.  A good read for fans of romance with a lot of intrigue.

Gwenellen Tarbet