Explosive Touch – The James Gang, Book 3

C. F.

After surviving a bombing at her country club job, the FBI suggests Shayne Peterson move to Sanibel Island off the coast of Florida. Dealing with night terrors and a case of PTSD, she finds some solace working at a florist shop surrounded by the James Gang, a group of Green Berets and their wives. Troy McKenzie dealing with his own demons returns to Sanibel in desperate need of support from his squad mates. After an attack by an unknown assailant, the gang assigns Troy to protect Shayne while they investigate. The two find it hard to deny their explosive attraction as they seclude themselves to elude a killer determined to silence Shayne.

If one likes steamy romance mixed with sexy military men and the fiery independent women they love, “Explosive Touch” is a must read! Even though the plot is predictable, the unique twist of shared trauma being the catalyst to ignite a scorching romance makes this story enjoyable. The bad guys are a little one-dimensional and their motives are not a surprise; however, they are a necessary tool to further the story. The dynamics of brothers-in-arms coming together to support each other and their protective and respectful feelings for their women shine off the page with a spark of humor. The suspense of being stalked by an unknown killer while dealing with post-traumatic stress will have readers holding their breath as they wait for the next shoe to drop! C. F. Francis’ third James Gang installment is a fast-paced thriller in a sultry locale with likable characters readers will cheer for!

Tonya Mathenia