Escape Velocity


Georgia has been living in her car in Silicon Valley while trying to land a job decent enough to let her take her sister from her mother and her creepy male friend, so she has a chance to escape their family's legacy of running cons and being crooks. Unfortunately for Georgia, even the best plans have side trips, and while she is fully able to land on her feet, leaving her father's lessons on marks and manipulation behind proves to be impossible. But if you have the skills, and it's for a good cause, like saving a company you believe in for people you like and are beginning to trust, ignoring those God-given skills would be blasphemy, right?

Despite other blurbs, the fact that Georgia is a newly graduated paralegal from Hicksville, working in a legal department at a Silicon Valley software company is almost moot to what this tale really is; a loving sister wanting to send her only sibling far beyond the reach of their past, who uses skills readers are going to be wishing they were capable of to save the day for everyone. Smart, sassy, and immensely complex, calling this book suspense is like calling the Bible a decent read. This inside look into the mind of a trained con artist will thrill readers who've always wanted to know how they come up with their ideas; and following along as a young—and female—conman cons other conmen, all in the name of greater good, will keep readers up all night, refusing to put the book down.

Julie York