Enigma Tracer

Charles Breakfield, Rox Burkey

Gracie Rodreguiz has finished graduate school and is working full-time for the World Bank, using it as a cover to manage R-Group resources around the world. Her graduate school roommate was Bailey, who asks Gracie and her team to help with a problem. The R-Group chooses to investigate by sending Gracie and Bailey as well as Jeff and Keith (their significant others) on a cruise with Phillip Pliant, the CEO of Pliant Industries. It appears that Pliant is recycling plastic illegally, manufacturing single-use guns, and trafficking youngsters; however, those who investigate him are either missing or dead. Pliant is dangerous and they all know it. With the help of her twin, JJ, Gracie and her team learn more than they want to know about Pliant Industries. This case tests the skills and grit of everyone involved!

There are multiple players and locations to track within this story, yet it is written in an engaging style. This story flows beautifully! The plot involves themes that are happening now all over the world, making it relevant and credible. The pace is fast, as pieces of the ‘puzzle’ are found throughout and the tension ramps up as the story progresses. Expect challenges, danger, and technology throughout the telling, peppered with some laughter and tears. The leadership mantle of the R-Group is now in the hands of the next generation, and Gracie and JJ and their team have been trained well. There are moments of doubt, overconfidence, and introspection, yet these flaws add depth and realism to this story. Breakfield and Burkey are still at the top of their game with this latest installment in the CATS/R-Group techno-thriller world!

Carey Sullivan