The Enigma Threat

Charles Breakfield and
Rox Burkey

This is a chilling tale that includes some futuristic elements interspersed with some current technological realities and possibilities. As the story begins, ICABOD, the R-Group’s supercomputer in Zurich, is under attack for the crime of being a supercomputer.  Apparently, the MAG group (a rogue group of supercomputers who want to control multiple elements of the world) are slowly outlawing and destroying all other supercomputers via their purposeful manipulation of CESPOOL (Cyber Elite Special Police for Online Operations & Logistics). The R-Group and what remains of ICABOD are the only things standing in their way. As the story progresses, they find allies in likely and unlikely places, and pull together technology from all over the world and from satellites in space to work to defeat the MAG group.

This tightly-woven tale explores the dangers of AI when left unchecked, and how easy it is to manipulate data to get a desired outcome. The tension mounts as various pieces of the overall schemes to harm as well as to save the world are revealed through the different actions of the MAG group and the R-Group. The differences between the two groups are stark:  one group focuses on control without emotion, while the other group puts their heart and soul into every action they take. There are multi-cultural elements within the story that add interest and depth to the writing. Readers are left with a sense that this chilling future is a possibility if people don’t start questioning more and stop accepting things at face value.

Carey Sullivan