The Enigma Dragon

Breakfield and

TECHNO THRILLER:  Juan and Julie Rodriguez, heads of the Cyber Assassin Technology Services (CATS) group, are trying to figure out who is running an illegal operation, but they can’t track them digitally. The technology that is supposed to help people has become a means of targeting them instead. North Korea somehow has missiles, but no one is sure how they got them. Everyone, no matter how seemingly friendly, could be a terrorist.  The CATS team splits up to try and resolve the unrest going on in the world by tracking down the Analog Information Mules or AIMS. Bigger problems loom on the horizon, however, and the CATS team members must decide who they can really trust and whether they can even trust each other?

This techno thriller is brilliantly written, with heart-stopping action and wonderfully likable characters. Even though the book starts off slowly, it quickly gains steam until the reader is truly immersed in a fictional digitalized world that seems all too real. The book is the ninth in the series, and to truly understand the nuanced relationships it wouldn’t hurt to read the other books beforehand. The technology is a bit dated but manages to push the story forward getting the characters through daily life and trouble. The many characters from Juan, Julie, Mike, Marge, Steven Christopher, Ernesto, Quip, and Tyler are easily imagined individually but still manage to bring a cohesiveness as a group. Readers will like how the book vividly paints a true account of today, including how technology can be our own worst enemy.

Roslynn Ernst