The Enigma Beyond

Breakfield and Burkey

Technology is taking over.  Humans created technology as a means of assistance, to make life easier.  This story answers the question: what happens if technology is not used for the best interest of humans?  MAG uses the humans’ hunger to make life easier to their advantage.  The R-Group is training with their supercomputer ICABOD and facing off against the geniuses who are using technology for their own personal gains.  One character, Jovana, escapes from the compound only to be tracked by droids.  She continues to run and hide until she finds a family who will help hide her from the ones who want to take her back.  She knows she’s not totally safe and continues to keep an eye out for those who are looking for her.  They appear to be using very sophisticated equipment to track her.  

This is an extremely thought-provoking story about technology and Artificial Intelligence.  Being the 11th book in the series could account for why the reader may feel overwhelmed in the beginning which is confusing because so many characters are introduced to the reader. And each of the characters has their own subplot which can be difficult to follow.  As the book progresses, each individual’s storyline is revealed in more detail.  Every character is unique and has their own agenda which makes the story interesting.  Characters’ struggles show their strengths and how they relate to the computer-age.  There are many twists in this thriller where the computers seem so real. Even their dialogue feels totally realistic and believable. The scariest part? It’s easy to imagine something like this happening in real life.

Stephanie Shaw