The Enforcer (Taskforce #3)


“The Enforcer”, steeped in deception and recovery.

Special Agent Tobias Burke is undercover in West Virginia. A Counterterrorist Taskforce deploys him to investigate a militia led by Captain Dylan Connelly. All the evidence, although circumstantial, says she’s responsible for the murder of the Secretary of Defense. Dylan can charm the pants off any woman to get to the truth, but when he’s accepted into the militia, he doesn’t expect an honest attraction to his target. Friendship, respect and passion grow as Tobias digs for the truth. Dylan is being framed, and Tobias is going to have to find the real terrorist or the Feds will be taking her away in chains.

"The Enforcer" is the third book in Ms. Melton's military romance series, and has a "true to life" feel to it, versus romantic fluff.  The author's description and dialogue are well choreographed, and her characters fully developed.  The Taskforce series doesn't use the military men as hot or hunky caricatures - they are fully-fleshed and very real.  Dylan, the heroine, is introduced as a strict leader but is revealed to be a gentle, caring woman underneath.  The back stories of the secondary characters are believable, and all questions are answered. If a reader is looking for grassroots realism, that’s what they’ll find in this well-written tale, steeped in the hardships of those who have experienced the horrors of war. “The Enforcer” is in a league of its own. 

Natasza Waters