The End, My Friend: Prelude to the Apocalypse


Tony and Evo Pernicano must leave their home to survive the general meltdown of society in a future world gone awry. Tony's lack of education is reflected in the authors unusual usage of 'go' and 'goes' instead of the more familiar and overlooked tags of 'he said', and 'she said.' Evo's character is shown with her attachment to her cat ailing from lymphatic cancer, Sudzy and the displaced dog, Cosmo. Mr. Wright captures the visuals of each new community along Tony and Evo's path to what will hopefully be a safe new home in Oregon. In this world, fuel and ammunition are at a premium with silver as the medium of monetary exchange. The characters are forced into dangerous situations to secure the needed supplies. 


At times the scenes feel incongruent with what the secondary characters find available for their daily usage as well as what is not. At times the necessity for Evo to behave in a less than genteel and feminine manner is handled callously while at other times she is the hero of the situation. The reader should be aware that they will find a pregnant woman here (Evo) with a male perspective but not the romance of the typical romance novel. A well-edited although edgy read. This story is fast-paced with the author using an unconventional 'telling' rather than 'showing' style.


Fans of futuristic, apocalyptic science fiction adventures will love this one!  


Shaunna Gonzales