The Empty Space: A Kate Pomeroy Mystery Book 4


Dr. Pomeroy is taken aback when she receives a call, letting her know that her husband was shot at his boat when returning from his daily fishing trip. But who knows where they are? They have been on the run, and now it looks like more running may be imminent. They ran from the US when framed for murder, then Katy was kidnapped and tortured by a mad man… still on the hunt to make her his own. She heads to a safe training camp to brush up on her self defense skills. Will Jeremy survive the shooting? Will she become victim to a crazy man again? How can she possibly go through this mental anguish again?

Ms. Watkins has created a high energy, multi-cultural suspense thriller. There are multiple countries portrayed and many of their motivations play out. The diversity portrayed and ‘wars’ that take place throughout this book are all part of a deeper plot. There are many characters named, too many to truly track. The main ones are apparent and notable, yet readers may get distracted by others. Beware of the cliffhanger ending that may cause readers to pick up the next book in this series to wrap up any loose ends. Overall a great read with many plot twists that will keep readers biting nails to the very end.

Warning:  There are some graphic kidnapping scenes that include discussions of torture that may be a trigger for some.

Viola Robins