Elective Procedures (Elle Harrison, #2)


Elle Harrison and her three best friends are on a girls' trip for a week in Mexico. The trip is specifically for Jen to have some plastic surgery done and recover in the five-star resort suite with her pals. Only Elle is not having the relaxing vacation she thought she would. The first night at the hotel, she witnesses the woman in the room next door fall from her balcony on the sixth floor; Elle attempts to save her but is not successful. More events and another murder in the room next door has the ladies on edge. Elle is visited by her late husband during the trip and is courted by the rather famous local plastic surgeon. There are many suspects but until they find the killer, they are all nervous. They all feel as though they could be the next victims.


Ms. Jones has readers on the edge of their seats from page one! The mystery and suspense is well developed throughout the entire story. Readers will think they have the killer pinned; however it then points in other directions. The near-death experiences that Elle goes through seem downplayed and the supporting characters are linear in their personalities. The relationships that occur in a short amount of time are realistic and add depth with the sub plots. This girls' trip gone deadly is suspenseful and yet a very entertaining read. This is a standalone read and part of a series. Readers may think twice about leaving the country for “Elective Procedures”.


Viola Robins