Echoes in the Wind


Geology instructor Darla Hennessey hasn't been interested in a romantic relationship since her longtime boyfriend left her to marry someone else, breaking her heart.  When she allows her best friend to drag her to a party where she literally bumps into her former teen crush, Scottish rocker Eric Boyd, sparks fly. Eric, in an attempt to drop the teen idol stigma, is on a course of establishing himself as a legitimate musician and doesn’t need the complications of a relationship. However, when missing persons and murder throw Darla and Eric together, they find that the chemistry pulsating between them is hard to ignore. 

This story is not the usual rock-star romance. A little slow at the start, it takes the reader on a journey into the world of rock music with the added intrigue of murder. There are a couple of choppy areas, but for the most part, the plot flows smoothly with main characters that are engaging and likable. The sizzling chemistry between Eric and Darla is in direct opposition to their lukewarm almost take-it-or-leave-it relationship, which takes place for over half the book. However, the reader will find the sexy hero with his casual sexual attitude a good compliment for the relationship-shy, intellectual heroine.

This well-written suspense keeps the pace going with twists and turns that will keep readers of mystery turning the pages to discover the identity of the killer, while the sexual tension, sizzling chemistry, and steamy romance satisfies readers of romance. Together they combine to make this book a thoroughly enjoyable read!   

Janna Shay