Lady Helena Winters hasn’t seen her husband in over a year. Because of his unexpected disappearance, she has gone back to live with her father in Kent. Unsure of what her next step should be, she decides to accompany her father on a visit to the Dunmoor estate. Her husband grew up on the estate, and there are rumors that it is cursed. Upon arrival she meets Luke Lennox, the man who recently purchased the estate to turn it into a foundling hospital. Together they experience some strange and spooky occurrences at Dunmoor, and Lady Helena Winters’ stay becomes a much longer one than intended.

In “Dunmoor”, London Clarke does an excellent job of building the atmosphere of a good old fashioned gothic story. However, there are a few trigger warnings that come with this book, such as sexual abuse of a minor, incest, sex trafficking, and some very graphic content. The characters are well developed, but it would be interesting to learn a little bit more about each of them so that there is more of a connection. The story is a bit slow-paced until about the halfway point, but overall is filled with spine-tingling moments. The author leaves the ending very open, leading the reader to believe there may be a continuation in the future. There is a lot going on in this story, so it could be overwhelming for some, but this book will definitely give the reader chills and ensure that they keep their lights on.

Jennifer Shepherd