The Dream Jumper's Promise


Newlyweds and dive instructors, Hank and Tina Greene were planning to start a family on the island of Maui until a surf outing turned into a horrific event. Hank never returned that day and authorities believe he fell victim to the ocean's rage. Now, grief-stricken Tina must accept the fact that his body may never be recovered and she must try and save their failing SCUBA shop alone. 

Jamey Dunn, a love interest from her past, returns to Hawaii and the young widow, begins having mysterious dreams that may harbor clues to her late husband's disappearance. Hank's best friend, Noble, helps to keep her sane, but Jamey keeps butting heads with him. Will the trio be able to solve the puzzle of Hank's vanishing before Tina loses her mind?


Readers are invited to take the plunge into Hornsby's whimsical book which contains elements of romance, suspense and mystery. The author explains there is a very fine line between reality and the dream world, and we get to witness the unusual act of dream jumping. Paranormal fans will be intrigued and approve how delicately it's explained, and a touch of the clairvoyant aspect will hold one's attention throughout this tale where Hornsby makes Maui come to life. One of a kind characters, numerous plot twists and authentic bonus recipes ensure this story to be a favorite amongst many!


 Jaime A. Geraldi