The Dragon’s Staircase (Kyndall Family Thrillers, #1)

McKenna Grey
Everly Archard

After eight years in the FBI, Agent Alexa Kyndall leaves her career behind when her involvement in a serial killer case nearly ends her life. It’s taken her a year of healing to get back to peak physical condition, but she’s ready to leave the over-protective care of her three brothers and move on to the new phase of her life. Unfortunately, a former colleague calls her in on a case that may be connected to her past and a serial killer she’s trying desperately to forget. Wanting to walk away, but with a child witness’ life on the line, Alexa is pulled back into an investigation she thought was behind her. Will she be lucky enough to survive a second time?

Holy smokes! This is one suspenseful, anxiety-riddled, skin-crawling tale of murder, mystery, and psychological creepiness. Amateur sleuths will be chomping at the bit trying to figure out the twists and turns that Alexa must navigate. A dual POV between Alexa and the child’s protector, Craig Pierson, offers an in-depth look into their psyches and allows intimate observation of their reactions to the situation and each other. While the plot is creative and the pacing just about perfect, the beginning is a bit shaky with abrupt scene changes leaving behind a befuddled reader trying to catch up as the book shoots forward. However, it soon levels out into a ground-eating sprint with both book and reader racing neck and neck to the finish. Looking for a hard-to-figure-out mystery with a side order of nail biting? Then look no further!

Carol Conley