Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

After losing her entire family in a tragic, violent incident, Miranda Whitley has finally started to get her life back together… until she finds herself saving a prominent Seattle judge from assassination. Now she has a price on her head and only one long shot of staying alive.

Thirty-Three Days
Stephen B.

University lecturer Jenny O’Brien is visited by a man named Simon Muransk. He tells her he is from the future, and that she is to travel back 33 years in time for 33 days in order to stop Bradley Destaine from genetically altering wheat. The wheat produced carries “yellow spot,” a plant disease that causes worldwide famine within 250 years.

In a world where fate is not fair, but justice and true love are certain, Irish actor Lash Brogan has finally accepted a leading role again — but someone doesn’t want the movie to be made and accidents and deaths plague the set.

Within the Skin

For years, street artist Alba Vargas has donned the name of a boy, El Toro. Now, she’s conquered the art scene by storm, but going back to living as a woman after having disguised herself as a boy for this long, is far from easy. Especially when tattoo artist Fernando Pharaoh—a man she has secretly loved for years—comes into the picture.

Private Investigator Candice Shane is on a stakeout at a friend’s home. The friend suspects there is a stalker that visits nightly. Just as the stalker appears at the house, a squad car pulls up behind Candice’s car. While she immediately gives chase in attempt to catch the toad harassing her friend, she’s also being chased. She finds herself running from a cop, but not any cop.