Dissident – Bellator Saga #1


SPECULATIVE FICTION:  Something has gone totally awry in America. States are seceding from the nation, the President is power hungry, and martial law is the order of business. Privacy is nonexistent and life as we know it is no more. As she runs for her life Caroline makes the hardest decision of all and forces her husband Jack to leave her behind, her injuries hindering their progress. The tale told is a blend of a blossoming romance and a political thriller, as Caroline is being held by the government, lost in a sedative-induced traipse down memory lane, with an uncertain future looming. 


While attachment to the characters of Caroline and Jack is as easy as drinking a nice glass of moscato, attaching to the story itself is a bit more difficult. Bouncing between two time frames is a tad disjointed and confusing, especially because it is not clear what exactly the political situation is that has made Caroline a fugitive. Essentially two stories are being told here, and they do not meld together as well as they could. The plot line for book one in the series probably should have given more details on the current situation in America, rather than the romance of two politicos. Granted, Caroline Gerard and John Montgomery are a rocking couple that come together with fireworks and champagne - their romance sizzles and the chemistry explodes from the pages, as Caroline and Jack become more than just partisan enemies. Never say politics and love don’t mix!


Penelope Anne Bartotto