Destroying Dominic (Genoa Mafia # 3)


He doesn’t fall in love. Relationships make you weak and Dominic can’t be seen as weak because he makes people disappear for a living. But there is one woman who intrigues him… the very one his boss wants dead. She writes love stories and plans weddings to make dreams come true for others while secretly longing for her own happily ever after. But Stephanie’s past is a nightmare and a death sentence for anyone who discovers it. Dominic may be a nightmare to others, but she’s determined to make him her hero. Even if it kills her.

Readers easily become caught up in the romance between Dominic and Stephanie, as they are strong, compelling, and relatable characters. The romance is full of emotional angst and issues that grips readers by the heart while the fast paced plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with suspense and a sense of danger lurking around every turn of the page. While the story does have quite a bit of violence, the romance is on the sweet and sassy side, and the authors portrays both parts with just the right amount of details to ensure that readers have an enjoyable experience. Both the hero and the heroine have prickly exteriors, so the relationship building between them adds a few chuckles to the story, while surprising twists throughout the plot keeps readers guessing and the intense suspenseful events adds excitement.

E.L. Hurley