Defined (Price MacCann Assassin Series, Book 1)

Mary Ellen

Price MacCann was raised in a family of vigilantes. She has been trained as an assassin, with a superb successful kill rate. Then she was involved in a death that hit too close to home and has spent the last year trying to step away from the vigilante part of her family. She tries to thrive in a normal nine-to-five existence, but her family is pressuring her to resume her previous life. When a tall, dark, handsome, and very mysterious stranger arrives in town, her boss tells her to kill him, but she finds that impossible to do. There are also the mysterious notes randomly left under her door. With all this upheaval, Price is hard pressed to define what normal really is.

An entertaining story, quick to draw the reader in and hold them. The relationship between Price and Donnelly develops organically. A serious drawback is the amount of punctuation and incorrect wording issues that seem to increase as the story nears the end. There is even a page where a character’s name changes within a few lines. Unfortunately, there are also issues left unresolved due to a sudden, flat ending. The reader can assume these are picked back up in the next book. This is a decent story, hampered by ineffective editing. “Defined” is very light on romance but heavy on suspense and generous with the humor.  

Emerson Matthews