A Deep Thing


Kendall’s husband Tim died in a freak diving accident, even though he was an expert. Trying to move on afterward is impossible, especially once Kendall finds out he kept secrets from her - big ones. As she delves into his secret life she doesn’t know who to trust. Allies and friends are not who they seem, and hidden enemies surface. However, one thing is certain: she has to know why he hid anything in the first place. She and her perpetually angry step-son have a journey to make, and decisions to face once the truth is out.


Not a traditional romance, Kendall’s relationship with her late husband is what binds the mystery together. Cenotes are the water-filled caves at the bottom of a large hole. There are thousands of them in Mexico, and readers will be thrilled to go with the characters as they dive inside a few. The descriptions are vivid, and the lore from the Maya about them ties the mystery together flawlessly. There are some verb issues that may confuse readers, such as shifting POV tenses and memories written in the present so one can’t tell it’s a memory. There are a few tiny loose ends untied, and the beginning is a little slow, but once things get rolling, readers will not want to put the book down! A layered mystery where one answer only uncovers more questions, readers will not want to miss out on this cave diving tale.


Julie York