December Boys: A Jay Porter Novel (Jay Porter Series)


Recently hired by NorthEastern Insurance Company, Jay Porter is responsible for investigating accident claims for his employer. While investigating a recent claim, he finds some very odd circumstances behind a teenager’s arrest. Why is this teenager arrested for a minor drug possession and sentenced to a behavioral motivication center? A center that is known for being a hardcore facility, and one that he finds his enemies, the Lombardi’s, have a stake in. While this occurrence has nothing to do with an insurance claim, he can’t let it go, almost to the detriment of his marriage. Does his interest have more to do with right and wrong, or revenge against the Lombardi brothers?

Holy smokes, Joe Clifford knows how to write a gritty, intense character! While Jay isn’t always a likable character, he is so realistic that it doesn’t matter. While this is the second book in the series, it stands extremely well on its own two feet. One might want to read “Lamentation” first, however, if only to understand what makes Jay Porter tick. If one is looking for a sweet kind of romance, this book is not the one to pick up, but if hard, strong and powerful characters are one’s cup of tea….this book would be the proverbial teabag. Written in the first person POV, and done well, there are a couple of minor threads left dangling but it just leaves one wanting more from Mr. Clifford. A dark and emotional tale that will leave one anticipating the next Jay Porter novel!

Tonya Smalley