Deceitful Truths


In this stand-alone sequel to "Captured Lies", Guy and Graham, owners of Knights Associates, are back - only this time, they are the ones being toyed with and targeted, along with Guy’s grandmother and her vineyard. 


New Knights employee Tarin is on the run from a controlling husband and overbearing father.  Three years ago, she lost a week of her life and she’s determined to use her connections at her new job to get answers.  When she does, the noose tightens around Tarin and her son and threatens the owners of Knights as well.


Although "Deceitful Truths" is a sequel, Ms. Thom easily twines the previous happenings into the current book without it becoming an information dump. The relationships begun in the first book are continued as smoothly as in real life, with good times and bad and Tarin is introduced into the group seamlessly.  Written more about Graham’s and Tarin’s issues, the story keeps all the players coming in and out of their lives, just as happens in reality.  At times it becomes overwhelming however, and though the details are always needed and never extraneous, too much happens too quickly to too many of the characters, almost as if two stories were being told at the same time. Grammar and punctuation errors sometimes makes the eye trip. The relationship between Tarin and Guy, where each hides to avoid being hurt again, is engaging and realistic. The hiding of the mystery, however, is exemplary and brilliantly done - running the reader in the wrong direction the entire time, until the final reveal in the last few chapters.  Well done! 


Julie York