Deadly Trouble (Vegas Vixens)

J. L.

Lily Sanborn’s life as a Las Vegas embalmer couldn’t be deader than the company she keeps, so a vacation to lush and tropical Belize is just what she needs! She never expected to find herself witnessing a drug cartel murder and a child’s kidnapping.

Dr. Cooper Deforest’s sole mission in life is to locate the plant that will cure Meningitis B, not struggle with his gentlemanly ways when the exotic Lily takes root in his life. 

Haunted by the stolen child’s eyes, Lily convinces Cooper to join her rescue attempt. Will the two make it out alive, or become the cartel’s next nameless victims?

Readers will laugh out loud at the witty writings of a strong, courageous and razor sharp tongued heroine! While the attraction is instant, one will not find Lily and Cooper performing the horizontal mambo immediately. Instead, a slow and meaningful build up is created allowing a reader to travel down multiple paths and ultimately ensuring one is emotionally connected with the storyline. One also bears witness to the relatable qualities for both characters; as Lily’s trust in men results in a volley of accusations and assumptions projected at Cooper, he in turn begins to exhibit his own misgivings and apprehensions towards her. However, one begins to question the reality and sanity of the two, when they ultimately choose to follow what many would deem a hair-brained idea. Overall, the author exhibits a well-honed skill for writing sexual restraint while balancing the flames of attraction and should be applauded!

Stephanie Lodes