Deadly Syndrome


Political decisions don’t always have the best interests of people in mind, even when they hold a possible cure to cancer in their hands. Dr. Resa Myles is a molecular biologist with drive, intelligence and the backing of the United States president to end the curse of cancer. But, impatience and political juxtaposing puts a nation at risk, and places a big red bull’s-eye on Resa’s forehead. With a hot, fascinating CIA agent taking the front row in Resa’s heart and the novel’s hero, a reader can’t turn the pages fast enough.

Kathy Reichs has some competition with Arline Todd on the writing front. "Deadly Syndrome" is a breath of fresh air with an intelligent, well-paced story with a higher order of complexity. So why not a five star rating? In some scenes there were three POV shifts within the span of a page. A few details, although researched, missed the mark of legitimacy. Would the presidency create a national response and immunization program for a cancer vaccination with the fervor of treating the SARS virus?

Do not be deterred, Ms. Todd is a very talented writer. Dialogue and description are masterfully done. The plot simmers and then the heat is turned up to boiling. This author knows how to spin a tale of memorable proportions with authentic characters and depth. A must read. An exceptional thriller. It is wonderful to find an unearthed writer with extraordinary talent like Arline Todd!

Natasza Waters