Deadly Race (Deadly Series Book 2)


MYSTERY:  Teacher and part-time race car driver Remy Borden wants to become the first woman from the Cayman Islands to race internationally. After sustaining an injury during a qualifying race, her injuries are treated by Dr. Jackson Wilson and an instant, undeniable attraction is sparked between them. When the racetrack owner is murdered, Remy becomes the number one suspect but is allowed to continue racing. However, Dr. Wilson is insisting she postpones racing until her injuries heal. Determined to fulfill her dream, Remy searches for the truth behind the murder while fighting the burgeoning flame that has her thinking of a life without racing.

“Deadly Race”, original in its concept, is the second book in the Deadly Series and a stand-alone installment. Set amid a picturesque tropical paradise, this romantic novel is filled with suspense. The author’s highly developed sense of setting a scene on an island in the Caymans has readers rooting for the sassy, hot islander Remy. However, the flow issues regarding timing, scene placement, and the medical profession of Dr. Jackson will leave readers scratching their heads. While there is a definite attraction between the main characters, their connection as a couple appears to be somewhat underdeveloped. Nonetheless, it is evident the author has spent considerable time researching the racing profession and the craftsmanship of the automobile industry, enhancing the reader’s understanding of the race car drivers profession.

Roberta Gordon