Deadly Obsession (Burrum Ridge Series, Book 2)


When Ruby Davenport learns she has an entire family on the opposite side of the country, she takes full advantage of the fact and flees for her life. Eager to get to know her new siblings and get as far away from her stalker as possible, she embraces her new life in Burrum Ridge, Australia. When she meets the new Police Chief, Finn Martinez, in her sister’s hospital room, he lights a fire in her soul, making her think she might be able to confide all of her secrets in him… and possibly find her happy ever after too. When her stalker tracks her down and carries her off into the remote Aussie bush, Finn and her brother-in-law must race against the clock to find her before it’s too late.

This story picks up right where the first book ended and for someone new coming into this series, they’re hopelessly lost for the first quarter of the book. As long as readers devour this series in order, they won’t have any trouble following along. It’s a great follow-up and would be a superb standalone if only there was more assistance for the reader in the beginning. Readers will enjoy Ruby’s journey of beginning a relationship with her sisters, learning about her history, and getting to know her biological mother through her sister’s memories. The chemistry between Ruby and Finn is blazing and you’ll be cheering them on throughout the entire story. The fear and uncertainty that Ruby’s stalker creates, along with his boldness in his pursuit of her, will keep readers glued to the pages until the wee hours of the morning.

Heather McCoubrey