Deadly Obsession

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Nic Lamoureux, an Oscar winning movie star, has built his public image as Nic the Lover. This image that has gotten him far in movie industry, even though he’s nothing like the man he portrays. He dreams of having a family, and a woman who sees him for the real him.  Someone who can handle his public life, and forgive him for the horrible mistake he made in his past.

A department store photographer, Lauren James is a struggling widow and single mother trying to make ends meet when she wins a photography contest. She gets the opportunity to photograph Nic, who has had the starring role in her fantasies for years. The chemistry between the two is off the charts...and mutual.

As the paparazzi burst into the photo shoot, Nic grabs Lauren and lays an extremely hot  kiss on her. Their image is plastered all over the tabloids causing an obsessed, and cunning stalker into the forefront of their beginning relationship. A stalker that will stop anyone from getting to close to Nic, by any means necessary.

Ms. Cayne has the uncanny ability to write true-to-life villains. The stalker is normal one minute, and evil the next, everything one would envision an obsessed fan to be. Nic is extremely yummy, and Lauren is the perfect companion. This is a page turner for sure! The plot is well thought out, albeit somewhat predictable (it’s easy to surmise who the stalker is,) however, the characters are so engaging that one can’t stop turning those pages until the very end!

Tonya Smalley