Deadly Enterprise: A Mike Stoneman Thriller

Kevin G.

CRIME/POLICE PROCEDURAL:  When the body of a drug-addicted prostitute is found in a river, authorities chalk it up to another tragic accident involving a woman who got in over her head. Given the nature of her life, no one bats an eye and life moves on, except examiner Michelle McNeill thinks the woman has been murdered, and NYPD detective Mike Stoneman agrees. The more Stoneman digs into the case, the more he discovers what might be going on behind the scenes. When he learns the police are involved with the murder, he must decide if uncovering the truth is worth his job and reputation, or if it’s better to let the case go for the sake of living another day.

“Deadly Enterprise” is a fast-paced, action-packed crime drama that readers will devour in one sitting! Mike Stoneman is the hero the world needs. He cares for those who are forgotten and demands justice no matter what the cost may be! Mr. Chapman’s writing is crisp and refreshing! The mystery is well thought out with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged from start to finish. All the characters working together create a wonderful chemistry that brings out their individual personalities, making each real and relatable. This book is balanced and delightful to read. Readers of mysteries, thrillers, and adventure will want to give this book a read! 

Chelsea Andersen