Deadly Echoes (Donovan Nash #4)


The environmental research group Eco-Watch, headed by Donovan Nash, is the target of some very dark people seeking revenge.  The man behind the attacks is Garrick Pearce - a confidential patient of an underground German clinic and a vengeful voice from Nash's past.  A survivor of the attack on the clinic contacts Nash and claims to have information that can help him. They form a unique bond and vow to hunt down those responsible before major damage is done environmentally or before they are both murdered. The chase is on! Can Nash find the reasons behind the chaos in time and clear his name and the reputation of his business enterprise he has worked hard to keep tarnish free? His past has come back to settle the score and attacking all those close to him. 

Mr. Donlay has penned and action packed hit with “Deadly Echoes”! This is a fast-paced, very well-written suspense/thriller that has a lot going on. The research on locations and past incidents that span multiple states and a few countries is well played out and makes this story flow smoothly even while there are continual location changes. The characters are intriguing and the storyline beautifully thought out. It succeeds in being an entertaining ride even while reading of murder and mayhem. There is even a bit of romance along the way and a love that is torn due to time and circumstance. Aviation fans will be especially enthralled, but there is something to relish for everyone, military and civilian alike in this exciting tale!

Julie Caicco