Deadly Deception (Six Points Security Book 6)

Lori Sjoberg

Essie Jackson is coming from a divorce and learning to adjust to her civilian life. Her new job brings her face to face with her old mentor. However, she quickly realizes her old mentor isn’t who he seems to be. Now Essie is dodging bullets, and trying to stay alive. But that’s not all that Essie has to dodge. Russell Jackson is Essie’s ex-partner in work and life. When they are forced to work together again, not only to protect Essie’s life or her new client’s life, old feelings spark, making Essie rethink maybe she was quick to ending their relationship. How will this sizzling adventure end? Will it end in bloodshed, or will Essie and Russell reconcile their differences and defeat Essie’s old mentor and save her client’s life? 

“Deadly Deception” is a romance with an action-packed adventure. Even though this is the sixth installment in this series, it can read as a stand-alone novel, with the backstory of Essie and Russell intertwined throughout the book. The story alternates between Essie and Russell’s characters, showing the readers the love the two still have for one another. However, this isn’t all about romance. Lori Sjoberg keeps her fans on the edge of her seat with her nail-biting action sequences, not knowing if Essie or her client will pull through. Romance readers and action fans alike get a little bit of both worlds in this James Bond-esque adventure. The author brings Essie and Russell Jackson to life time and time again, through turmoil and chaos, which seems to pull the two closer together. This is a wonderful read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats the whole way through! 

Stephanie Bell