Deadly Chance


Freelance photographer Tempest Raines turns to her Navy Seal contacts when her adult son is kidnapped by Russian rebels. She finds herself face to face with a man she thought she would never see again, one that she has kept an important secret from for years. Chance Adams has decided that a lonely life is the best fit for him. When Tempest asks for his help, their past makes him powerless to resist. Despite the negative feelings he has for her, he finds old romantic feelings for her creeping up, and they are becoming harder and harder to ignore. While searching for the missing man, they find themselves in some very dangerous situations that throw them closer together than they ever thought possible. Will Tempest come clean about her secret and possibly ruin the best thing that has ever happened to her? 

Action packed from the first page, “Deadly Chance” is the perfect blend of excitement, sexual tension and passion all poured into one steamy novel. The characters are well portrayed and readers will find themselves falling in love with them and aching to know what will happen. There is a constant question of whether the secret will be revealed, and this makes the book a fast page-turner. Definitely one to add to the collection this summer with a fast-paced plot. But be warned, there may be some very late nights as it is very easy to devour in one sitting. Don't miss this gem of a read!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick