Deadly Bloodlines


Meredith Mason has been in a mental hospital in England for the last twenty years serving her time for committing 5 murders in the Cayman Islands. What others did not know is that she had her daughter help her dispose of the bodies. When Angel turned ten, her mother was convicted and institutionalized and she was raised by her aunt on the Island. Now, almost thirty years old, she has returned to the island as an Inspector after working in England. On the twentieth anniversary of the killings, a copycat starts the saga all over again. Who is the killer and what do they want? Many suspect Angel since murder seems to be in her blood. Her college love who is the psychologist hired to help her work on the case and uses this time to get close to Angel again. Can the killer be caught in time?


Ms. Feuer keeps reader on the edge with this skillfully written murder mystery! The characters are placed throughout the story with pinpoint precision, each having a significant supporting role as the list of suspects grows. The mystery and suspense winds the reader into the suspense and keeps one flipping pages eagerly waiting to discover who the killer is in this superb ‘who done it’. There are minor editing errors when the ‘voices’ are depicted, however the mental illness brought forward is woven into the story gracefully to bring awareness. The gentle, compassionate romance that is allowed a second chance is warm and compelling.  ‘Deadly Bloodlines’ will keep the guesses going until the very end and readers will be delightfully surprised by how everything wraps up!


Julie Caicco