Deadly Betrayal (Deadly Vices #3)


Former soldier Kaden Christiansen has returned to Afghanistan to help Azita Seraj, the widowed doctor who risked her life to save him after a military exchange ended in gun fire. He is determined to find those responsible for the ambush and save Azita's 11-year old step-daughter from an engagement made by her uncle to a war lord. Unable to get Azita out of his mind, he cannot imagine life without her.  When he discovers she has secrets that may alter his view and his heart, it may take an army to contain his rage.


Kristine Cayne immediately ramps up the adrenaline, transporting the reader to the middle of the action in Afghanistan with a front row seat. A hero in red, white and blue, Kaden is made of the right stuff to make a woman swoon.  Azita is commendable and her dedication to helping women and children strikes a heartfelt chord. A few steamy scenes that seem to move faster than some of the action leaves a slight disappointment in their love story; however, with a number of cultural differences the duo shines as obstacle after obstacle is thrown in their way. 


Love and freedom is worth any sacrifice and is re-enforced in this spine-tingling suspense!


Lauren Taylor