Deadly Addiction


Alyssa Morgan’s life isn’t going as planned. After working undercover for months and putting the villain behind bars, one would think she would earn a reward. True, she didn’t exactly play by the rules, but assigning her to be the Chief of Police for the Iroquois, Blackriver Reservation is far from a reward. The cherry on top? The entire town is violently against her and white cops and they are not shy about expressing their views. Her only quasi-ally is Rémi Whitedeer.

Rémi isn’t pleased by the situation - things are tense enough at the reservation without adding Alyssa to the mix. But, for all his understanding of the facts, his attraction to the beautiful and smart cop isn’t easy to deny. He simply cannot fall for a white woman and remain a vital part of the community –  especially when the relationship becomes not only a physical thing, but an emotional connection as well.

What a truly amazing story! One that is filled to the brim with suspense and romance! The main characters are vivid and real, making it incredibly easy to  identify. There is also a lot of detail given to the explanations of the Iroquois lifestyle and values, making the story that much more realistic. The only tiny fault with the story is the (at times) martyr-like behavior of both Alyssa and Rémi. All in all, this is a meaningful and impressive romantic suspense novel with a memorable cast of characters!

Ana Smith