Dead Winner

Kevin G.

Rory McEntyre isn’t exactly the type of guy who comes to rescue a fair maiden. As a trust and estates attorney, his job is relatively even and on-going. However, when his friend and his wife who is a woman Rory has never forgotten walk into his office with a story about a lottery ticket, he offers his help. Everything turns on its head when Tom, his friend, is found dead in an apparent suicide. Tom’s wife, Monica, is suddenly in the crosshairs of the police, and Rory must act as her attorney. As the situation grows more precarious, Rory and Monica find themselves growing closer. Is Monica the true grieving widow she claims to be? Could Rory be the next one to turn up dead?

Enticing from the first page, “Dead Winner” has all the hallmarks of a true suspense. Rory is an immediately likeable character, and the first meeting between him, Monica, and Tom will set off alarm bells for readers which will continue ringing until the very end. The plot is entwined and moves at a brisk pace. This is a page turner, and one that could easily be finished in one sitting. For fans of suspense with a sprinkling of romance and danger, it has everything that could ever be wanted. Kevin G. Chapman has most certainly written a great novel and has a talent for creating dynamic characters. Don’t hesitate to download “Dead Winner” to start off the autumn season off right - curled up with this gripping tale while enjoying a hot beverage and firelight.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick