Dead Bodies, Dead Languages (The Heroes of Coweta County Book 3)

Sherrie Lea

Linguist Andrea Davis finds the body of her Professor, and it doesn’t make sense. The murder is replicated exactly like an ancient tale, and there is a note pinned to the body written in Old English. When she sees the Detective in charge, she is shocked as it’s the same man she stood up. Detective Brady Lancaster is drawn to Andrea, despite what she did. As more bodies are found, the finger of suspicion falls on Andrea, and Brady must do everything in his power to prove her innocence which is easier said than done, given the deepening feelings between the two. Brady is forced to go beyond the rules to make sure that he tracks down the killer and take the suspicion off the woman he has feelings for.

Who doesn’t love a story with a good serial killer? “Dead Bodies, Dead Languages” has a fascinating killer who enjoys leaving cryptic notes. There’s history between the two main characters that adds to the tension already present. With an engaging plot and a decent knowledge of police procedures, the author has clearly done her homework. However, there are spots that could have done with more thorough editing, and aspects that really took away from the flow and story. Despite this, it is a great book and whodunit. It’s good to see a murder mystery with varied characters and a good love story thrown in!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick