The Dawning (The Risen Series Book 1)

Marie F.

ZOMBIES: Helena has had a tough childhood and has lived as an outcast in her family. She never felt like she belonged, and was always living in the shadows of her younger siblings. Helena finds a home with G.R.I.T., a local motorcycle club, who make her feel alive and a part of their close-knit family. She also found real love there, and a father figure she has always wanted. When the Risen start rising and she loses everything, Helena returns to the club and the people who love her and swear they will protect her.

“The Dawning” is a dark, scary fantasy that will leave one on the edge of their seat as the author takes the reader on an epic journey filled with terror and danger at every turn. Ms. Crow has created a unique story and well-developed characters. The zombies are not the stereotypical ones, and the heroes are not the usual people one would expect. Instead, ordinary people with troubled lives wear the hero capes. Although the content of this story is not for everyone, the ones brave enough to read it will be engrossed in the story, the complex relationships, and the obstacles and challenges each faces. The tale is full of page-turning suspense, danger, and action that will leave the reader guessing until the very end. “The Dawning” is a unique start to a new series that will leave the reader wanting more. If one is a fan of dark fantasy/paranormal, zombies, with a strong dose of scariness and the need to sleep with the lights on, this tale is a must read!

Victoria Zumbrum