The Daunting Greystoke (The Brothers Greystoke #1)

Samanthya Wyatt

HISTORICAL: After dealing with her abusive grandfather for so long, Serena finally decides to follow through with her plans to run away. As she makes her way through a storm, she stumbles upon a stable where she stops with her horse for the night. Little does she know the stable belongs to Nathanial Greystoke, the heir to Greystoke Manor. Nathanial has decided to return to his long-abandoned ancestral home in an attempt to revive the dilapidated place. Upon finding Serena in his horse stables, Nathanial’s life is turned upside down as he and Serena face all the turmoil that is heading toward them.

“The Daunting Greystoke” is an historical romance that follows two characters as they develop their relationship and learn about their very unexpectedly similar pasts. Both were raised in tumultuous environments and have shared experiences which causes them to grow closer each day. The descriptions are very atmospheric, and readers will be captivated by the world Ms. Wyatt creates. However, the prose is long-winded, with very repetitive dialogue. The first half of the book describes the characters meeting, and tension begins to build as they learn more and more about each other, but the pace doesn’t start to pick up until the last quarter of the book. Some readers may find it difficult to get through. The character development was done very well, but the book itself is way too long for the actual plot. There are also some grammatical errors throughout the book. However, the love story between Nathanial and Serena is sure to be enjoyed by readers who love angsty, slow-burn romances.

Jennifer Shepherd