This Darkness Light


Warning: Extreme Violence


Serafina knew something was wrong when she stepped out into the hospital hallway and heard nothing but silence. Determined to protect her patients, she hurries to the room of the gunshot victim brought in that evening and her life changes. The man heals too quickly, knows anything he needs in an instant, fights like a professional soldier, and doesn't know his own name. Hunted by a priest turned assassin who has been forced into action, and on the run from an evil with ties to POTUS, they must avoid capture and uncover the truth about John Doe and his mission before the worst happens.


Jason Bourne wishes he was as cool as John Doe; this action suspense will keep the reader on edge the entire book as good and evil battle it out across the world. The story alternates between third person following, Serafina, John Doe, and the killer Isaiah, with each chapter beginning with increasingly ridiculous and hysterical emails between the President of the United States and the mysterious ‘X’. Besides the main characters racing about with fights breaking out between John Doe and their government pursuers, people are spontaneously turning into monsters; ‘X’ or Dominic as he’s also called is intermittently causing chaos and conducting acts of evil that will make the reader shiver. Full of twists, the reader won’t be sure who is good and who is evil until the end.

Overall, a truly excellent read!


Sarah E. Bradley