Dark Past


Tired of running, Kate Landry settles in the small logging town of Chester, California to manage a café. She is keeping a low profile but hoping to return to a normal life. FBI agent Kyle Donovan is visiting a friend and trying to recover from his latest case. However, danger is lurking around every corner and someone is following Kate. Kyle worries he has brought trouble to her door, while Kate worries that her dark past has caught up with her and Kate will have to trust Kyle enough to tell her secrets because those secrets may just get them killed. 

This romantic-suspense story starts with the suspense building from the very first chapter and just keeps on building, which keeps readers glued to the pages. The romance also gets an early start in this story when Kyle gets his first glance of Kate and the sizzling attraction between them just keeps getting hotter throughout, but then everything in this story happens at a quick pace due to the short length. However, the story is packed full of suspense and romance with strong, convincing characters that make it easy to become completely caught up in the thrills and passion and a couple of surprising twists keeps readers guessing. The story brings a conclusion to Kate’s troubles but the troubles that Kyle was worried about never manifested during this story, but the ending certainly grabs readers’ attentions when the person behind those troubles gives hints of his intentions, ensuring that readers will be waiting for the next thrilling and entertaining book by this author.

E.L. Hurley